15th of March, 2018 (Thursday)

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I sure hope there's still a river under that bridge in the future.

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15th of March, 2018 (Thursday)
I hope there's a future in this world where people stop pushing each other and jumping off of precariously tall things. Gosh!
Be well Tober, looking forward to seeing your work as regularly as you can manage.
Are we going to see ally Rothwell(s) and enemy Rothwell(s) depending oh which whorle they're riding? And what about his rescuers/trainers? Will Memnon be forced to squish their fingers, too? Memnon seems to be telling us that greater time traveler mass requires a more powerful device, but that velocity can supplement power, perhaps at the cost of control over arrival location.
And will Emi recognize Eos as Grandma?
Yayyyyy Tober!!!
Kid Cthulhu
Another update already? ^_^
Very curious to see where this leads.
Looks like it's headed straight for that river. Maybe the river's not there in the future? Or, at least in A future.
I'm feeling compelled to type out a Bugs Bunny square dance call...
Whorl Whorl
Twist and Twirl
Jump around like a flying squirrel
Don't you cuss
And don't you swear
Hop right out and form a square...
Maybe that's not what Bugs meant, though...
16th of March, 2018 (Friday)
Great story Tober, we'll see where it goes. Even amazing AIs built by EOS might get the future wrong :-).
Did he place the same "primitive" time device on him, or a different "more advanced" one that just happens to look identical?
I'd guess it's a different one as the wristband of the "primitive" one was smooth.
19th of March, 2018 (Monday)
«Did he place the same "primitive" time device on him»
I wondered too, and the wristwrap of the primitive device is not ribbed/segmented, but the wristwrap of his own device is.
Also, MEMNON says that the primitive device probably would not carry him as he is no longer as small as a child, and the primitive device needed a very tall drop to work, while the better technology one just needs dropping to the floor from standing.

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