16th of July, 2014 (Wednesday)

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At least he's got that "embarrassing your kid" act down.

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22nd of July, 2014 (Tuesday)
Now we've just got to wait for Sam to realise Ash's gender. Looking forward to the teasing that'll bring forth!
i cant believe they need *proof*
Willomo - I think Sam already knows. A bit earlier, I think Sam asked who Ash was and Charlie said "a girl from school". It'd still be good to see some teasing over that front, though!
12th of March, 2015 (Thursday)
Sam does realize that'd be his own embarrassing photo he'd be showing her, right?
22nd of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
@Link2Hyrule Yes he does, but at age 27, he doesn't embarrass NEARLY as easily as an 11 year old.
Also his primary concern should be more along the lines of being arrested for dealing in child pronography.

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