25th of January, 2018 (Thursday)

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25th of January, 2018 (Thursday)
A timely arrival would be just the thing right now, Memnon.
Isn't one of the kids still in the car? I could see a rush to try to come to the rescue that leads to a hostage situation instead.
Kid Cthulhu
Suddenly Eos comes out of nowhere and... nah, that ain't gonna happen. Put me in the "Go Memnon!" camp.
Uh... I'm not sure Rothwell understands how time travel works.
@Rapiret Actually, in the last timeline where Charlie died, Sam continued to exist. At least until Memnon killed everyone.
When did Sam lose his shoes? He wore them on 529.
Memnon has the '80s mod-rocker hair. Rothwell has the rained-on look. Now I've got it!
But sadly, it seems you do, Rothwell.
26th of January, 2018 (Friday)
Just want to say, LOVE the comic
Actually Sam needs to die too, since he is adult Charlie in this timeline.
If he continues to live this timeline will become the war hell from which Rothwell comes.
Things here become complicated a bit: the presence of both young and adult versions of the same person in the same timeline causes a lot of logic trouble:
* If the young version dies, "something" triggers EOS to build MEMNON, and then he wipes out humanity.
* If the adult version lives, "somehow" endless wars are the result, and a final virus is released (and I suspect that EOS is still involved as she runs an advanced biology lab).
What a gigantic whorl-up! :-)
PS What happens to the original timeline from which Charlie was pulled? Since there is no Charlie in that timeline, he cannot be killed, but also there is no adult Sam, so the endless wars don't start.
Part of me wants to go back and read from the beginning. Most of me doesn't have the time...
Opus the Poet
I think it has been established that Sam is not the same person as Charley. Wrong timeline.
27th of January, 2018 (Saturday)
Shouldn't it be that Charlie and Eos need to die in order to stop either future from happening? Not that I want them to die...
Ohhhhh no. Ohhh nonononono. He's gonna match the foot scars. That's where this is going isn't it.
Good catch, Jimothy.

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