1st of January, 2018 (Monday)

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1st of January, 2018 (Monday)
What happened? Did Charlie get in the car?
Side note to Tober: are you alright? You only did one strip last week. Is it a family thing? Injury? What has got your time down? Are you OK?
2nd of January, 2018 (Tuesday)
Hang in there Tober. Love the comic! I am loving this chapter!
Sister Grif
Tober, you're a creative/hilarious genius. We love ya! Stay strong!!
3rd of January, 2018 (Wednesday)
I love how no one is suspecting Tober for having, maybe, taken a Christmas break.
4th of January, 2018 (Thursday)
slugfiller in the past when Tober has been ill he has resorted to line drawings, to keep the comic going, so people are just concerned

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