6th of November, 2017 (Monday)

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6th of November, 2017 (Monday)
Still don't see how this relates to Charlie. I mean, only thing Charlie's death did was cause Memnon to destroy humanity before they could do it to themselves. Also, seems like this version had more survivors.
Unless Charlie creates the virus and this version is all AI
Countless sides, reasons, wars and Memnon is just a part of it?
So even more time travel back story...
This is either a timeline with survivors or they aren’t human.
Mr. Jones
This tale has become more complicated than I have yet dreamt. I must consult before making further comments.
I really like when bad ones are bad for a Reason. Yay Rothwell.
And "bad ones" takes on a whole new twist if you may be the only one capable of stopping the mass extenction of all life ... but you have to take the life on a currently innocent child ... the if you kill Hitler as a child you would save 18M lives ... it plays to the "is it ever right to do the wrong thing"
Clarifying .. "if they say the only way to stop it" the challenge of cause / affect. Maybe a better analogy with where this seems like it may be going is ... if you knew what you were going to do later in life was bad enough for everyone to want you destroyed even before you're guilty .. would you stop, or do events caused by the person trying to stop you actually create you, or ... man you have me deeply engaged in the story now. :-)
It is a Trolley Problem!
What if killing Hitler as a child paves the way for someone 1000 times worse? Who's the monster then?
I think it was Larry Niven who wrote a story about how the universe itself will cause the destruction of anyone who attempts to invent time travel. Seems logical to me.
The hair looks like blood streaming down the face...
7th of November, 2017 (Tuesday)
Hello. And Bye...

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