12th of October, 2017 (Thursday)

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12th of October, 2017 (Thursday)
uh oh, that's not good. and very rude.
Ok that would kill a human but .... does she even have pumping blood?
If it is just air you can't actually kill someone like that, that is just movie silliness. Of course this is also fiction so why not? For those that wonder, it would take a LOT of air to kill you by injection. This would be an air embolisim and it would have to hit an artery to do it.
But Paul I read on the Internet that ... :-) thanks I didn't know that but always thought it odd.
So now more curious as the eyes in the last panel show shock or a system reset. Nice cliff hanger either way.
Kid Cthulhu
Maybe the syringe had microscopic nanobots especially designed to paralyze/reboot the likes of Emi?
The needle doesn't make the sword work any less well, and there's someone else in the room who can wield it, if he has the guts.
13th of October, 2017 (Friday)
We don't know what's in the hypo, but it's interesting that Rothwell is using it on Emi instead of just snuffing her right then and there. He has a grudge against Charlie for escaping and wants to kill him to death, but he's not doing anything dramatic to Emi who, upon their last encounter, carved him up like a Christmas goose. That suggests that he knows of her connection to Memnon, someone he absolutely does not want to piss off.
If it's air, it needs to enter the blood stream to take effect. If it's something else... who knows. Going by the rifle he has access to a lot of advanced resources.
Seriously, dude! That's so 1990s TV! LOL It will be interesting to see why he wants Emi so badly
That HURTS. Yes a lot of air in the blood stream is needed to actually cause permanent injury, but a small quantity of air in a muscle is pretty painful for several days. It is like the bends, but one little spot.
14th of October, 2017 (Saturday)
@ohwilleke Newton's third law is a thing. Even if Charlie could lift the sword, he'd probably injure his hands long before he penetrates Rothwell's skin.
@Phlatus She beat him in a straight fight. It's more likely that whatever is in the hypo is more effective than punching her in the face. Maybe even lethal. You say he's doing "nothing dramatic", but with his rifle gone, his only other option is hand to hand combat. And using that against Emi would be counter-productive.
Meanwhile, how did no one notice the missing bandage in panel 4?
I just consider a hypodermic full of a sedative or narcotic or Kickapoo Joy Juice or whatever to be 'way more low key than a punch or kick in the face or gut, even if he has to use his south paw, SlugFiller. So, yeah, not visually dramatic. Again, at this point it looks to me like he doesn't want to damage Emi.
As for the bandage, Tober is adept at leaving clues for us to spot (and I appreciate it - it's fun!) but I don't think that's one of 'em. It looks to me like our artist just missed a couple lines. You get told-ya-so privileges if I'm wrong.
15th of October, 2017 (Sunday)
@Phlatus You might recall, he already tried the "punch or kick in the face or gut", and it backfired dreadfully. It's like how movie martial artists make triple backflips in the air before delivering an easily dodgable kick with no momentum, while real martial artists just twist your wrist and break it. It might look less flashy, but it's a heck of a lot more effective. The way I see it, the reason he's not punching her is because she'd just shrug it off as if it was nothing, and he'd lose the fight.
4th of March, 2018 (Sunday)
... I've seen very, very little evidence Emi is actually mechanical.
15th of December, 2019 (Sunday)

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