20th of February, 2017 (Monday)

Page 444

I'm positively overwhelmed with anticipation.

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20th of February, 2017 (Monday)
Does he even exist in this whorl? If he does, he's probably having a tearful reunion/heap o' 'spainin' with Eos (who we've seen since Charlie didn't die, either).
Everyone is looking forward to meeting the man who killed everyone. She must have told it the right way.
Brent O'Gara
I'm pretty sure her 'dad' knew that saving Charlie would result in the timeline where he himself exists never occurring, as Charlie's death was the catalyst for his own creation. On the other hand, the timeline where he does exist contains nothing of value (to him) except his daughter. Being an actually good father, he would naturally wish to send his daughter to a timeline with opportunities and possibilities for life and interaction she could not have in the ruined future where they both exist. Her father would have known all along that sending his daughter to save Charlie would negate his own existence, but giving his daughter a chance to live a proper life with real people in a non-destroyed world (using the 'person who causes a time-diversion survives it even if they should not' loophole) would be worth it to a good and caring parent, even if they are a genocidal AI.
I don't think her father ever intended to join her in this timeline, knowing as he did that her success here would ensure he never existed in the first place.
@Brent O'Gara: I like your explanation/hypothesis.
And I love this page. Their expressions, all of them, are great. Nicely done.
Ananta Androscoggin
It's like a cheer from the Apple-less Indians at a Tom Slick race.
«nothing of value (to him) except his daughter. Being an actually good father, he would naturally wish to send his daughter to a timeline with opportunities and possibilities for life and interaction»
He created his daughter specifically to save Charlie and thus prevent the genocide. He did this because he regretted the genocide, rather than specifically because he wanted a daughter (page 412). But then obviously sending her to Sam's timeline gives her more happiness than staying in a timeline where everybody else has been killed.
And ultimately it seems it is all being planned, or at least nudged along, by Hyperion in the far future (page 387).
So far we have these timelines:
* Sam's timeline where Charlie never died and grew up to be software engineer Sam.
* Memnon's timeline where Charlie dies (page 383) and EOS creates Memnon (page 392) and the genocide happens because the military destroy EOS's memory (page 407).
* The timeline (which may be the same as Memnon's timeline) where a military agent from 2059 pulls Charlie into Sam's timeline (pages 8, 9 10).
* The timeline from which Rothwell comes from.
Note also that in page 412 Memnon seems to imply that EOS is EMI's mother.
Opus the Poet
Eos' and Emi's names are not acronyms. I don't know the origin of Emi's name (Emilia?) but Eos is the transliteration of the Greek word for "Dawn".
Opus the Poet
Also, show of hands, who thinks Charlie ends up with Emi, vs ending up with Ash? I'm not going to vote because I think he would do good and well with either one but for entirely different reasons.
21st of February, 2017 (Tuesday)
Yes, page 335 EOS says that she was a foundling and her name was written in a note in greek attached to her. But I supect that EOS and EMI are actually acronyms, as the latter is an AIs and the former most likely is one. Otherwise it is incomprehensible how on pages 390, 391, 392 she says that she has to build a computer but she does not know why or how the design came into her mind.
Note that we are on page 445 and our very nice Tober has not revealed yet most of the plot, except for the intriguing page 387 where Hyperion says "one more time".
EOS being an AI could be supported by her intellect, perfect appearance and inability to reproduce.
«Charlie ends up with Emi, vs ending up with Ash?»
Or *both*! So far the logic of the story is that both Charlie and Ash are lonely introverts who have been very lucky to find each other and have fallen in love despite being just 11 and have been bonded by extreme events.
Charlie's adult version Sam is a socially challenged, very single, sysadm, even if thanks to the strip poker initiated by his best friend seems to have broken the ice with EOS.
22nd of February, 2017 (Wednesday)
I absolutely ADORE the lighting in this page. Emi and Ash look incredible. Awesome work Tober!!

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