9th of January, 2017 (Monday)

Page 439

The original statue looks like that from the back, too. You just never see it.

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9th of January, 2017 (Monday)
I wonder if he can seen in all times that he exists or only this specific time and, if it is all times, shouldn't Sam be seen as well? Maybe it is because Charlie is out of time? I am excited to learn -- one way or another!
I bet the reason he is so apparent to time travel because it is his events that caused time travel to be possible in all the timelines.
"All right, wrap it up."
Sounds exactly like my dad whenever we used to ramble. :D
Funtastic Squirrel
Haha. Ash was falling asleep.
10th of January, 2017 (Tuesday)
that kiwi guy
I like this.
keep doing what you're doing.
If Charlie, then Sam also!
13th of January, 2017 (Friday)
Kid Cthulhu
That last panel cracks me up...
15th of January, 2017 (Sunday)
Opus the Poet
@MikeL, no because they are not the same person. Sam's memories diverge from Charlie's starting a few hours before they met in the park.

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