17th of October, 2016 (Monday)

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17th of October, 2016 (Monday)
So happy you're posting again, Tober! I hope you're feeling a little better at least:)
Amazing Thingy
Kid Cthulhu
Nice WIP, Tober! Always good to have the plot progress ^_^
that kiwi guy
oh I thought they were in a computer or something at first, but okay PURPLE! also glad for the new comic, so much refreshing
She seems to be wearing the dress she showed charlie in the previous page due to the belt
Tober buddy rest up, and love the comic as always
I like it!
Tober - thanks for the comic. Hope you're well. Take care of yourself!
Deof Movestofca
I'm waiting to hear his explanation as to why he suddenly has a girl with him (and why he isn't dead, as well).
18th of October, 2016 (Tuesday)
Toberrrrr!! :)
19th of October, 2016 (Wednesday)
@Deof Movestofca: Why would he have to explain not being dead? In this timeline he was never dead and nobody got shot.
For that matter, why would he need an explanation for having a girl with him? Sam and Ash would totally believe "time travel shenanigans," so he wouldn't have to make up a story.
...oh right, that still leaves EVERYONE ELSE at the wedding. They would certainly be suspicious of a random new character suddenly appearing.
Deof Movestofca
@Pongles: If he hadn't been dead, why else would an AI know she would have go back in time to save him? AI's don't usually go back in time to save an unsuccessful chrono-assassin attempt to off someone. =OP
20th of October, 2016 (Thursday)
@Deof Movestofca That was a different timeline and a different Charlie.
Kid Cthulhu
Tober, if you find it's easier to do future pages like this WIP for a while, I certainly wouldn't complain. I love the characters and story plus your linework is stronger than mine. Just sayin'.
22nd of October, 2016 (Saturday)
Deof Movestofca
@Pongles: In this timeline, Charlie was saved from death by an AI traveling from the future to his current time to save him Since there wouldn't be any reason to send an AI back in time to save him from an [b]unsuccessful[/b] attempt to kill him, then one (e.g., Sam) could logically conclude that there must have been a successful attempt to kill Charlie even if it had been in another timeline.
Thursday Violist
Sam would probably give the excuse "Oh, hey, I actually had twins, what do you know?"
23rd of October, 2016 (Sunday)
@Deof Movestofca Or it could have been a random destination timewarp, they don't know how time travel works.

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