1st of September, 2016 (Thursday)

Page 424

Don't be silly, Charlie. Why, that doesn't even make any sense.

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1st of September, 2016 (Thursday)
Panel 5 is creepy beyond words. I'm suddenly over shipping Charlie with the Lovecraftian time traveler.
Yea don't be silly Charlie, no one would even believe in such a thing... next you'll start calling them terminators, lol so silly of you
@Lokitsu I'm just starting.
I don't want this to end but I also really want a solid ending that ties the whole story up.
AI... Does that mean Artificial Intelligence? Or... Artificial Individual? Both are two completely different beings.
The first would possibly follow Charlie's off the cuff guess... i.e. computer brain in a fleshy body; somewhat like the 'Terminator'.
The second might be a genetic clone with a pre-programmed biological brain.
I guess next page we finally get a better explanation as to how Memnon and Emi are able to manifest bodies. Anyone want to start a betting pool? So far, I'm thinking either replicator-style with nanomachines, or reality warping of some sort.
And just like that, we're back to the sort of banter I treasure in this comic.
Appreciating every page you produce :)
Kid Cthulhu
Notice he's more concerned about "created" than "where you died tonight".
I keep loving this comic. Kudos, Tober!
2nd of September, 2016 (Friday)
Alien Hunter
Shouldn't Charlie be a little more nonplussed? This should be the first of him hearing that he actually died...
Charlie isn't a stranger to the concept of being saved by time travel, thanks to the movies. So the idea of having been killed in a different timeline isn't such a big shock to him. At this point, being twice saved, he's pretty much expecting SOME sort of Deus Ex Machina to pop out of a time portal any time he's in real danger.
I love how Charlie just goes with the flow. He was st to the future, lives with himself, and was nearly killed. By now he just accepts everything coming.
3rd of September, 2016 (Saturday)
Magic Trees
Charlie why are you okay with this
I love panel 5.
Alien Hunter
I don't know. I get that Charlie is comfortable with time travel, and yes, his life was in danger earlier..but as far as he knows, he's never died. That should still throw him for a loop. At the very least, a "wait..'I died'?"
The Theorist
Eh, Idk. A moment before she arrived he probably half expected to die. And since he has experienced time travel, another time traveler wouldn't be a shock. An AI is the only new factor in this equation. I believe the order of dialogue is reasonable.
4th of September, 2016 (Sunday)
When Charlie died, Emi's dad was created. But since Charlie didn't die, he wasn't created, which is why he's not there. But if he wasn't created, how could he make Emi, let alone send her back to save Charlie?
And this is why time travel gives me headaches.
@Mujaki: if there still was a doubt, there's no more. She says "THE future WHERE you died tonight". So we're in a parallel worlds story, like some commenters predicted...
I'm sorry for Ash in all the futures where Charlie dies, but no paradoxes to fear, I suppose, so no headaches... Unless Tober is playing with us poor readers... I love this story anyway, love being surprised...

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