14th of September, 2015 (Monday)

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Ash bitterly remembers Charlie making fun of her dressjersey

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14th of September, 2015 (Monday)
lol, that's just one step away from a dress!
He looks like he's wearing an artist smock.
You could tuck it in :)
Though it would be bigger. Does Sam wear size small?
The collar size is surprising around the correct size as well.
@Jono: Are you insane?! That's giving in to The Man!
Can't have your cake and eat it, too. Tuck in the dre- I mean, shirt, Charlie.
Kid Cthulhu
This rehearsal dinner is going to be insane when the perennial bachelor arrives with two eleven-year-olds in tow. Muwahahaha!
That's my style, plenty of room to move comfortably. Long shirts are as much a dress as kilts are skirts. They may resemble eachother in some cases, but they're absolutely different. :P
why doesnt he just roll up the sleeves
18th of September, 2015 (Friday)
Don't mock the smock, or I'll clean your clock.

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