29th of June, 2015 (Monday)

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29th of June, 2015 (Monday)
Double Bogey
D'Aww! That's so NICE (of Sam to pay for it)! Charlie probably doesn't even know what it is! :)
If I remember right this is set around 2 years in the future. I guess that is cheap second hand goods. No big expense but a great thought. He won't have played or known about any of the games.
Anyone recognise which Pokemon game that is?
My first thought was the DS but now I doubt it. Anyone recognise the console?
Well written. How long did it take to put this together before actually doing the pages?
The game appears to be crystal or silver, and that is a gameboy advance. What people usually call the gameboy advance is the square flip screen, which is the advance sp. Your welcome! :)
Where did she get a Gameboy Micro!?
*internally chanting "Kiss"*
I'm with @Weirdman3214. "Kiss Kiss Kiss"
Le commenter
"Kiss kiss kiss"
And now is the time to compare this visuals with the first pages :D:D:D
Wouldn't those be like collector's item's by now? How could she afford them the money left over after breakfast and two pairs of shoes? I've seen people try to sell a game boy advanced $40-70 used, up to $200 new
Assuming that’s an original Gameboy Advance (if you want to get annoyingly technical, Nintendo never made anything quite that size and shape, but given the game it’s close enough), it would have been released a few months after Charlie got time-traveled, but would be basically familiar technology and era of games. He might have even heard of it if he was enough into video games to be reading magazines.
@mra: A used GBA of that era goes for about $20 on eBay, and Pokemon Ruby goes for maybe $15 without the box, $25 with, so it’s not a wildly expensive gift.
Lovely. :)
(But Sam's gonna be ticked off by the depletion of his funds! :p )
Sam's going to be ticked off...
Because he actually already HAS a copy, that he picked up when he was at university.
It's just packed up with all of his old stuff, in storage, back at the house.
30th of June, 2015 (Tuesday)
If that's Silver, Gold, or Crystal, it's most likely useless. All of those cartridges have had their internal batteries run dry by now, so unless it had a fresh battery put into it, it won't save games anymore. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald have a similar problem: they'll save games, but their internal clocks won't work without the battery, so nothing that relies on the clock will happen.
Definitely not what I was expecting. I expected an amiable prank. But a handheld game console and a game to go with it? Ash is the best kind of best friend!

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