22nd of April, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Northwesterlies are actually the least common wind in this part of the world, but Charlie doesn't know that.

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22nd of April, 2015 (Wednesday)
I wouldn't have known that : P
Sam, why are you not helping yourself?
I thought the letters had to be in order. If so, then the r in north means the word is invalid.
@corncobman, there is another r, northwesteRlies
The rules weren't terribly clear on that, but if we're going strictly by order then the first r should count first.
Whistleblowers, southwestwards, worcestershire, westchestershire,
@concobman in that case it also has two t's in which case the order would be RTW
@Asduton, Sometimes there is just no helping yourself.
The word just needs to contain the 3 letters in order, it doesn't need to be the first instance of the letters to count.
Weatherstripping! :) Also, northwestwardly and weatherproofing. I like this game.
something bad is about to happen. just sayin.
Somebody else
Why? Why exactly should it have to be the first one? The rules say the word had to have the letters in the correct order. "You gotta make the longest word you can with the letters in a license plate all in order", with an explicit example of "bioavailability" being appropriate for "VBL". If your interpretation were correct, then "BioaVaiLability" would be "BVL". But even so, the rules don't say anything about the first instance of a letter, so you can't assume that it means that.
Here in the us we try to look for a license plate from each of the fifty states, or maybe thats just me
23rd of April, 2015 (Thursday)
...I thought it was clear enough. Not to- not to say that everyone should've. I just did. Seems like a real fun game, I'm going to play it sometime.

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