24th of February, 2015 (Tuesday)

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"Ashley, you're adopted"

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24th of February, 2015 (Tuesday)
Charlie has no excuse for not finding the First Aid kit other than being an idiot.
You find first aid supplies in the first aid kit! How was he meant to know?
lol, i love charlie.
Times have changed so much XD
Charlie: Ash, well, you see, I posted a really bad review of the last Hobbit movie and they sent Benedict Cumberbatch to kill me.
I don't know if Tober is reading this, but something that is driving me slightly crazy is the fact that every time a character is speaking they appear with their mouth fully open. When we speak we rarely open our mouths that much, and in comics it is enough to have the speech bubble on top of the character, the mouth can even be drawn to perfectly closed at times.
Charlie: You see Ash, I'm a Jedi, and that was a bounty hunter trying to kill me.
And then right as Charlie is about to explain EVERYTHING, someone introduces a needle and Ash faints, or Benny Cucumber and his gun enter the scene again, or a Tardis appears out of nowhere, or...anyway, I sense an interruption before the secret can be let out.
i agree with sharo. there will be an interruption.
25th of February, 2015 (Wednesday)
Okay, okay she's not going to believe it if they actually tell her the truth and nothing but the truth. Or she's gonna be like "that really does make a lot of sence." Lol
(Enjoy this long meme infused joke.) Charlie: Well, Ash, I was playing CoD and I pwned Faze, so they asked the Illuminati to assassinate me. Meaning that man is a reptillian alien disguised as a man, and he really wants to 360 noscope me. Ash: No get shrekt, m8.
3rd of March, 2015 (Tuesday)
@edache You make a really good point, though I'd disagree about mouths being closed.

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