30th of November, 2013 (Saturday)

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The watch is a digital display of an analogue watchface.

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2nd of August, 2014 (Saturday)
It really saddens me how watches are becoming more antique. Accurately how a watch's function is being replaced by smartphones, and watch's becoming just eye candy.
20th of August, 2014 (Wednesday)
they originally started out as eye candy. Working folk had pocket watches only the rich wore one on their wrists.
3rd of April, 2015 (Friday)
That's a pretty low-res display. Plus, smartwatches should become decently popular in the next few years (unless watches are skipped to smartglasses?) Maybe the lack of futurism is just an Australia thing?
11th of June, 2015 (Thursday)
@Ye I don't know. People said the same thing about heads-up displays in cars in the late nineties, early 2000s. But we never got that, not because it was unavailable, but because it was overhyped and tacky. I foresee the same with smartwatches. Even if they get cheaper, people will probably still prefer phones that go in pockets.
13th of April, 2017 (Thursday)
It is now 2017. Smart watches are all the rage, and I've seen HUDs in Corvettes. 😂

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