15th of September, 2014 (Monday)

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Shouldn't lean on your chair, Ash. Your face might get stuck like that. Or something.

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16th of September, 2014 (Tuesday)
No, Ash, you''re letting me down! You're math skills are legendary.

Should not have gotten it wrong the same way
they both got 3 questions wrong, yet only 3 of thair questions are the same, we must asume that the other 3 of a weird 6-question test are the ones that were wrong
reading that again, it makes even less sence... was it a 3 question thing and they both got the 3rd wrong or what...?
Actually nowadays in US most unit tests are around 3 questions, especially in high school higher math classes.
18th of September, 2014 (Thursday)
...mine are like 8
28th of September, 2014 (Sunday)
more likde 16 for unit tests actualy
8th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)
what the author meant is that it was question three out of a certain number.
15th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)
Should hope they got the questions the same (if they got them right), but if they got them wrong and had the same wrong answer...
4th of December, 2014 (Thursday)
Mr Scott
Same wrong answer is suspicious, could be they're making the same mistake. Too many focus on having right answers - including copying - when learning how to do the problems will serve you much better.

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