Thursday, 6th of July, 2017

Page 480

When I originally wrote this chapter, Iphones were a new thing. I was only dimly aware of them, so I was imagining one of those old style keypad ones. For a story set in 2017.

Monday, 10th of July, 2017

Page 481

Thursday, 13th of July, 2017

Page 482

Careful, Emi. The sun's played the staring game for 4.6 billion years longer than you.

Monday, 17th of July, 2017

Page 483

"Cool, you can get it in pink!"

Thursday, 20th of July, 2017

Page 484

They grow up so fast.

Monday, 24th of July, 2017

Page 485

Charlie hasn't kept up with the latest world population figures.

Thursday, 27th of July, 2017

Page 486

Seems like someone takes after daddy a bit too much.

Monday, 31st of July, 2017

Page 487

"I have some idea! I definitely seem to remember it being on this hemisphere"

Thursday, 3rd of August, 2017

Page 488

"And if he knows what's good for him, he'll remember why he fell.

Monday, 7th of August, 2017

Page 489

Thursday, 10th of August, 2017

Page 490

Quick Emi, come in and ruin the secret somehow. It'd only be fair.

Monday, 14th of August, 2017

Page 491

Hey, it's that guy again!

Thursday, 17th of August, 2017

Page 492

And Charlie's secret hope of learning maths easily from Emi are dashed.

Monday, 21st of August, 2017

Page 493

I'm pretty sure 12x12 is the most known value on the times tables. There's some guy out there who needs to puzzle out 1x1, but 12x12?

Thursday, 24th of August, 2017

Page 494

Charlie's more of an appletini kind of guy.

Monday, 28th of August, 2017

Page 495

Thursday, 31st of August, 2017

Page 496

They both showed up as Marilyn Monroe and Johnny had to go home to change.

Monday, 4th of September, 2017

Page 497

Wait a minute, that's not in the official I Never rulebook!

Thursday, 7th of September, 2017

Page 498

Tomorrow is the real-world date that Charlie arrives in the future and the webcomic begins.

Monday, 11th of September, 2017

Page 499

If you don't answer maybe it will go away.

Thursday, 14th of September, 2017

Page 500

What are you so afraid of? They broke up in 1986.

Monday, 18th of September, 2017

Page 501

Thursday, 21st of September, 2017

Page 502

Monday, 25th of September, 2017

Page 503

It turns out time travel is complicated

Thursday, 28th of September, 2017

Page 504

Monday, 2nd of October, 2017

Page 505

No fate but what we make.

Thursday, 5th of October, 2017

Page 506

But why would Ash knock? You gotta think these things through, Charlie.