4th of August, 2014 (Monday)

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4th of August, 2014 (Monday)
OMG Ash is too distracted to even see that Charlie is finally looking in her house 8D
Yes! I wonder what manner of backstory will be revealed through Charlie's perusing! Who are the people in these pictures? Siblings? Parents? Where has this older brother figure been? Did he go to college? Elope!? I can't wait to find out! =0
6th of October, 2014 (Monday)
I'd be worried about Ash hitting anyone. I mean in panels one and two, the shirt has the numbers 77 on it. Yet in Panel four, it's gone and that's with just a tap. What could an Ash punch remove?
15th of October, 2014 (Wednesday)
A full Ash-Punch can remove the colour from your undies (or add colour if they are already white :P)
17th of February, 2015 (Tuesday)
Just a tap!? Did you see the noise it made?

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