19th of April, 2022 (Tuesday)

Page 615

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20th of April, 2022 (Wednesday)
Worth the wait!!! Ha-ha-ha! Excellent, as always.
Hey Tober! Thanks for the update! But most importantly, thanks for letting us know you are still doing ok and care about us random internet people enough to give us a new page. Stay safe and keep doing what is best for you!
thanks for the update, even if one of the characters won't be happy about it :-).
Opus the Poet
But where is the ice cream that was handed off in the previous page?
Opus, it must be that the ice got eaten very fast (sounds legit) :)
It's great to see you back.
22nd of April, 2022 (Friday)
Tober! It's good to see you back!
23rd of April, 2022 (Saturday)
As always, thank you for the art.
30th of April, 2022 (Saturday)
Glad to see you back! Always good to see assholes' uppance come to them.
12th of May, 2022 (Thursday)
Update! Yay! And I'm real happy you're back drawing :)
26th of May, 2022 (Thursday)
Kid Cthulhu
New pages! How did I miss this?!

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