29th of March, 2021 (Monday)

Page 614

Alright, that didn't go exactly as planned. Pages will be whenever I can get to them, unfortunately.

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29th of March, 2021 (Monday)
Just heading for bed and saw this was up. It is a good ending for a not-so-fun day. Looking forward to the next page.
Opus the Poet
Yay, new page and not-dead creator.
Also that's some spicy language for pre-internet kids of that age.
Yay! Go Ash!
Thank you for the art.
3rd of April, 2021 (Saturday)
I foresee some earned slapping in the future of someone ... that sounds lots more profound in this comic :)
Glad to see you are still with us! This past year has been really crazy. You still have readers who care about you, take care of yourself.
4th of April, 2021 (Sunday)
Always good to get an update, Tover, whenever they are.
19th of April, 2021 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Oof, such language from a little girl ^_~
Glad to see you're still hanging in there, Tober.
17th of June, 2021 (Thursday)
Opus the Poet
Still checking every day for an update. Hang in there Tober.
5th of July, 2021 (Monday)
Hi Tober, hope you're ok, still loving this story.
6th of July, 2021 (Tuesday)
Another daily-checker here. I hope all is as well as possible, Tober.
7th of July, 2021 (Wednesday)
Just saying hi, Tober. All the best.
10th of July, 2021 (Saturday)
Also checking in, Tober. I hope you're feeling as well as possible and getting better every day.
23rd of July, 2021 (Friday)
Opus the Poet
Still checking, still nothing new. Don't make me send Grace and Magellan Academy after you.
2nd of August, 2021 (Monday)
Sending positive vibes your way Tober, hope things are going well brother
11th of August, 2021 (Wednesday)
Hey Tober, I hope you're doing alright. How's things?
Hey guys. Sorry for being silent so long.
I'm still working on getting to a place where I can draw again. I don't know when or if that will happen, though.
12th of August, 2021 (Thursday)
Kid Cthulhu
As long as you're okay, that's all that matters. Stay strong, Tober.
13th of August, 2021 (Friday)
Opus the Poet
I'm good with alive. Alive is good, I'm not even going to think about getting another comic at this stage. I'm not even sure I want to know about the far-off future of 2017.
14th of August, 2021 (Saturday)
As long as your healthy, and trying to heal up bud, it's all we can ask for, your comics are awesome, and we will be here when/if you start up again, take care bud, of yourself and your family
Good to hear from you!
22nd of August, 2021 (Sunday)
Take all the time you need.
24th of August, 2021 (Tuesday)
It's great to hear from you again. Take the time you need and we'll all still be here if/when you come back. Hope things are alright over there.
30th of August, 2021 (Monday)
Hi Tober, just passing by, wishing you the best.
6th of September, 2021 (Monday)
Tober, I mentioned this some time back when you said that writing was easier for you. I am always up for a short written ending. You have to take care of yourself and if getting it out the story out there in any form eases your mind just do that. Or you can just let the readers make up their own ending and leave it here. I think that all of us love you and want you to be safe, healthy, and not worried about things. Take care.
8th of September, 2021 (Wednesday)
Up Here
Thanks for the update, Tober. Good to hear from you! Take care of yourself, it’s nice just re-reading this delightful comic and contemplating what these guys might do next. No hurry, no worries, just a nice place to visit.
Sending best wishes for your health and happiness!
5th of October, 2021 (Tuesday)
Opus the Poet
Not going to lie, I'm getting antsy for an update that moves the story along. Also still worried about Tober and his(?) health.
9th of October, 2021 (Saturday)
Honestly I'd kill for an update just saying Tober is doing ok
I'm still here. Thank you all for your concern.
I still don't know when things will improve enough for me to start drawing again.
11th of October, 2021 (Monday)
No worries, Tober. Just keep us updated on your state of being, the comic can wait as long as it takes, I'm sure many of us agree as long as you're doing well enough, we'll wait as long as it takes, even if it never happens. Don't want the comic to come before your health ever
14th of October, 2021 (Thursday)
Every now and again I check for updates and I reread the comic so far when I have bad days. I hope your days get better Tober. Your art and writing has brought me and other so much joy- you deserve the same
16th of October, 2021 (Saturday)
Hey, Tober! Good to hear from you.
18th of October, 2021 (Monday)
Yeah, good to hear from you! Rapiret said it all, couldn't agree more.
Take care :)
4th of November, 2021 (Thursday)
Thanks for checking in tober we're still here rooting for you bud I've been checking every now and then see if there's any updates I enjoy reading everyone's messages to you
25th of November, 2021 (Thursday)
Thanks for keeping us posted Tober. I hope things improve for you soonest.
6th of December, 2021 (Monday)
Opus the Poet
Glad to see the site back up. I was worried for a few days because I didn't have any way to check if the author was aware of it being down.
7th of December, 2021 (Tuesday)
@Opus, god same. I just got really worried for a sec
Kid Cthulhu
Hi Tober! Just checkin' in on ya. Take it easy and have a good holiday.
8th of December, 2021 (Wednesday)
I agree with those happy to see the site back up -- days of worry, sadness and a feeling of loss -- it's back, baby!
11th of December, 2021 (Saturday)
Yay! I was worried when the site went down. I'm happy to know that you're still around Tober. :-)
1st of January, 2022 (Saturday)
Happy New Year, Tober!
Happy New Year, Tober!
Happy New Year, Tober!
7th of January, 2022 (Friday)
Happy new year, though slightly belated
16th of January, 2022 (Sunday)
Happy new year! And oooh, slightly changed layout :) we likes it!
Opus the Poet
Two weeks after the 1st is enough time to stop wishing Happy New Year, but hoping the creative team (however many or few they are) is healthy the upcoming year.
18th of January, 2022 (Tuesday)
Hope everything is going good tober!
28th of January, 2022 (Friday)
Hey Tober! I check your comic daily, not even for a new page but just to make sure you are doing ok! We care about you even though we don't really know you!
12th of February, 2022 (Saturday)
Just popping in to wish you well, Tober. Stay healthy and take care of yourself!
14th of February, 2022 (Monday)
Opus the Poet
Hope everybody has a happy Valentine's Day
Just sticking my head in to say happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Hope you're doing well, Tober.
22nd of February, 2022 (Tuesday)
Opus the Poet
Everyone have a Happy 2's day!
15th of March, 2022 (Tuesday)
Hey, Tober! It’s the Ides of March. Here’s hoping it finds you well and in good spirits!
22nd of March, 2022 (Tuesday)
Spring! Still here, wishing you the best Tober :)
26th of March, 2022 (Saturday)
Been a year since a page was out. wishing you the best. hope your doing okay.
29th of March, 2022 (Tuesday)
Exactly a year to the day of the last strip, hope you're doing well Tober and will always appreciate what you've managed to create here
30th of March, 2022 (Wednesday)
Hey guys, thanks for checking in.
A lot of stuff has happened lately and I'm mainly dealing with that. I have technically finished the next page, but I want to wait until I have a few more before releasing it.
Great news, Tiber! Thanks for letting us all know. Take care.
1st of April, 2022 (Friday)
Great hearing from you, Tober!
3rd of April, 2022 (Sunday)
Up Here
Glad to hear that! And even better knowing you’re able work on this lovely comic again. Hope all of the other stuff goes okay for you. Be well.
6th of April, 2022 (Wednesday)
Opus the Poet
Wanting to have a buffer is fine when you didn't have a year gap since your last update.
7th of April, 2022 (Thursday)
Still love your comic Tober!
8th of April, 2022 (Friday)
Thanks for the update Tober. I will say speaking for myself I would be perfectly fine with no buffer waiting a year between pages if it meant you were able to be doing better than you had been before honestly

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