30th of November, 2020 (Monday)

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30th of November, 2020 (Monday)
Ash is ftf with Ash'
I love it! I can't wait to see where this is going to go!
so I have to say... I'm getting really confused as to who is who because of the sketches and all.
I guess I'm gonna wait for colouring...
1st of December, 2020 (Tuesday)
@Rose Ash and Charlie from our timeline are wearing dresses. All of the others are from the 'boop' timeline.
3rd of December, 2020 (Thursday)
Kid Cthulhu
5th of December, 2020 (Saturday)
Oh man, I missed this comic. I need to reread the whole thing. It's absolutely amazing.
8th of December, 2020 (Tuesday)
Up Here
There’s only one Ash. She wasn’t yet born in Charlie’s “original” timeline. That’s Johnny in the hat. Other interpretations are welcome...anyone¿
(Also, anyone want to explain why my tablet will only let me print an UPSIDE DOWN question mark on this site ¿)
14th of December, 2020 (Monday)
manuscripts underwent in the Middle
By the end of the 15th century, 35
16th of December, 2020 (Wednesday)
A handwritten book is a book

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