2nd of November, 2020 (Monday)

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2nd of November, 2020 (Monday)
Confused Cat
I love their faces on this page! ^_^
Is he trying to be extra girly by picking something pink? :-D
(By the way, I'm not sure if I've missed something - we don't know what their plan is, do we? Just something they know is going to work for some reason?)
She's running circles around them.
This is less a comment on this particular page (although the splash of pink is a lovely, welcome touch!), as it is a note of appreciation and encouragement. Thanks for this comic and your perseverance in continuing to produce it, even when your situation has become difficult and/or painful. It always brightens my day when I see an update.
Similar to HeadCheese, even though I rarely comment here, this is one of my favorite webcomics. I'm incredibly grateful for your continued work despite a tough situation, and I hope to see more of your creations in the future!
3rd of November, 2020 (Tuesday)
@Confused Cat I think it's been established that Charlie actually really likes strawberry but doesn't like to admit it because he sees it as girly because it's pink, but he doesn't have to worry about that right now, so maybe he just went for it
5th of November, 2020 (Thursday)
Did you clear posting your ad with Tober before posting it, Stacy Williams? Because if you didn't, posting commercial advertising to make money in a forum dedicated to a comic strip is a seriously sleazy thing to do.
7th of November, 2020 (Saturday)
Up Here
Love the sequence of Charlie’s thought process, and their smiles of victory!

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