30th of December, 2019 (Monday)

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30th of December, 2019 (Monday)
Awww, what a nice family ;)
I feel Charlie though, I wouldn't like to be forcefully separated (a second time probably) from the world and the people I got used to...
I wish you all the best for 2020 Tober, and am forever grateful for this wonderful comic.
You've been doing a nice job with keeping proportions correct on this and I really appreciate that. So many people make the heads too big/small. Keep up the good work!
The dresses changed again. Is this some sort of time-shenanigans, where minor deviations in the past keep altering the future?
Thank you for the art.
31st of December, 2019 (Tuesday)
@SecondSun — The glasses have changed as well. I say that you are correct. I have noticed this as well and find it an awesome touch!
1st of January, 2020 (Wednesday)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you tober thanks for the update, hope all is well
2nd of January, 2020 (Thursday)
Up Here
I like the matching dresses. It emphasizes that Ash is doing this to support Charlie.
Thanks for the update. A happy and healthy New Year to you,Tober, and to my fellow passengers on this enchanting time trip!
Happy New Year everyone! Keep up the great work, Tober!
3rd of January, 2020 (Friday)
The adorableness of Charlie hiding behind himself in panel two defies and attempt at cromulent wordification.

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