27th of October, 2019 (Sunday)

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28th of October, 2019 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Tober, pace yourself. Don't get burned out on updates.
Thanks for the page, Tober, their expressions are so lively!
ah wonderful, and indeed I like too the way their expressions are so telling.
30th of October, 2019 (Wednesday)
Up Here
Another update! It feels like an embarrassment of riches.
Gotta agree, your artwork is splendid.
Tober! I'm happy to see the story moving along, but I'm even happier to see you're feeling well enough to work!
Glad to see this is up and running again! Thank you!
31st of October, 2019 (Thursday)
Glad to see you're well enough to art! Take it at your own pace though, we can be patient and don't need you pushing yourself too hard.
Wait! Are you going to split up Ash and Charlie?!? Nooooo!!!!
P.S. Agree with others. Great to have you back. Take it slow and steady. And, if you feel great, that's great!
1st of November, 2019 (Friday)
Haha, that "Delilah" expression is gold.
2nd of November, 2019 (Saturday)
Now, do we already know "Delilah?" Who in the cast is drop-dead gorgeous enough to ensorcel both Sam and Johnny like that and might, in disguise, accompany Charlie and Ash into the past?
I'm adding my "hooray!" to the pile for the return of Blood Splattered Socks.
Also, the subtly different art style looks good. Did you switch to vector graphics, or is it something else?
Two updates?! Yay! Thank you! I love the shading and the art style. I'm excited to have an update; your health comes first though. I'm a patient person and will appreciate any update you are able to give, regardless of whether it takes a day or a year. I appreciate and love your comic. Thank you Tober for sharing your story and sharing your talent with the world. :-)
3rd of November, 2019 (Sunday)
Glad you are producing again. Thank you for the art.

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