13th of October, 2019 (Sunday)

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Well that took longer than I thought it would.

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13th of October, 2019 (Sunday)
Woohoo welcom back! So good to see a new panel! Hope your health remains strong!
flight of the dodo
No problem with the update schedule, RSS (atom) for the win!
... although I needed to turn back a page for a peek :)
Many thanks for the update!
BTW in general people donate to stuff they like to continue. "Arioch" of the comic "Outsider" has chosen an interesting option for people who publish intermittenly: a donation per page rather than per month.
Glad to see you back! Hope you keep getting better!
Glad to see an update! I hope your health continues to increase! Welcome back, Tober!
14th of October, 2019 (Monday)
tobar Happy Thanksgiving from Canada man hope you're doing well going to see a new page up
Welcome back!
Kid Cthulhu
Welcome back, Tober! Good to see updates. Just don't push yourself too hard, okay?
Mr. Jones
Whoa! I originally popped in to check for a Tober update in the comments, and was temporarily confused by the new comic before I realized what I was seeing. Looks like you've been polishing your shading skills during your convalescence, too. Great job!
Keith, oh that guy
We are better (oh dear, almost widdled meself.) Now if Andy would get on with recovery from his stroke...so many pages, don't ask how many are having serious health issues.
old troll
YEAH !!!
Opus the Poet
Yay! and a second on Andy's recovery. I dislike people I care about ill or injured, and in Andy's case it's both (strokes are injuries caused by illness).
But whatever you had I'm overjoyed you are at least somewhat recovered.
Ah, at last. I missed your story telling and art work. I've been keeping hope and prayer for your recovery Tober. Best wishes for attaining a full recovery.
15th of October, 2019 (Tuesday)
Woooooooohoooooooo!!! A new episode!!! Thank you so much Tober and welcome back!!
I was so excited I commented first. Now I have to go read it!
No god dang way! It's so good to see you back Tober!
Oh my gosh! Welcome back, Tober! This is so exciting!
This was honestly unexpected, but I'm really excited. Any idea how frequent your updates will be? After all this I don't know if I wanna expect 3 updates a week at the possible expense of your health again
16th of October, 2019 (Wednesday)
Good to see you back.
Thank you, Tober!!!
Ah. I was waiting for this.
17th of October, 2019 (Thursday)
It took so long the dresses changed color!
18th of October, 2019 (Friday)
@SecondSun technically just Ash's undershirt lol
19th of October, 2019 (Saturday)
Welcome back, Tober! Hope you stay well, just remember to take care of yourself
20th of October, 2019 (Sunday)
I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to give us a new page Tober!
And I'll be glad to read new pages at the rhythm you chose, please don't let any kind of pressure decide for you. Your characters are so endearing they go on existing in our minds anyway, and will forever. AND the story is taking a new surprising turn, wow, so nice!
Aaaah, I binge-read it all over again, this story is so great, I love each moment of it. The characters, their interactions, the science fiction layout, the slice of life feelings, the genre ambiguity everywhere...
I'm so grateful, Tober, for all the laughs, the sadness, all the emotions. Thanks for your work, and for your generosity in sharing it with us.
21st of October, 2019 (Monday)
Alien Hunter
Welcome back, Tober!
Glad to see a new page, but more happy to see you're feeling better!!
Opus the Poet
I don't suppose updates will be more than weekly if that until everybody gets a chance to catch up.
24th of October, 2019 (Thursday)
Up Here
Yaaay! Good to see you back, Tober! Beautiful drawing as well.
Hey, welcome back Tiber!
25th of October, 2019 (Friday)
Welcome back, friend. Happy to see you!
26th of October, 2019 (Saturday)
Late to the party but welcome back!
Whoa, I just came to check up on the comments for an update, and I found a new page!! Welcome back, Tober! Keep taking good care of yourself!
28th of October, 2019 (Monday)
AHHHHHHHH so good to see this update. hope you are doing well tober. take care and take it easy we all understand that your health comes first x:)
1st of November, 2019 (Friday)
Is it just me, or does panel 5 feel so meta?
15th of December, 2019 (Sunday)

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