8th of October, 2018 (Monday)

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8th of October, 2018 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
And thus began Charlie's life-long love of transvestism.
I don't know, Kid. Sam doesn't seem to be in to cross-dressing.
Opus the Poet
Sam and Charley are two separate people from different time lines. Sam knows and loves computers, Charley can barely use one.
Kid Cthulhu
It was just a bad joke, Phlatus ^_~
Mr. Jones
Charlie's expression in the last panel amuses me. I feel a level of sympathy for the emotions of this child.
Opus the Poet
One minor quibble, Charley would need to be zipped into the dress. Nobody can do a back zipper the first time without help. Some women can't even do it with years of experience.
even without the different time lines, Charlie is still Sam as a kid, so there is no telling when Sam(Charlie) actually got interested in computers
9th of October, 2018 (Tuesday)
Thursday Violist
Opus the Poet,
...I did a back-zipper the first time without help. (Of course, I've done flexibility-related sports and things all my life, and I don't think Charlie has.)
You're right, though. When I read this page, one of the first things I thought was "Why isn't she helping him with the zipper?"
10th of October, 2018 (Wednesday)
It's past time I went back and did some rereading. I've completely lost track of what the Hell's going on in this comic.
13th of October, 2018 (Saturday)
That's the trick - write your comic as confusingly as possible, then you reap extra cash from adspace as people have to re-read it over and over again :D

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