30th of April, 2018 (Monday)

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30th of April, 2018 (Monday)
“Humans aren’t supposed to be blue, you know”
Not trying to be critical but I like the irony.
Between the drug overdose and the stab in the stomach, medicine can handle the OD pretty well. Surgeons are pretty good at fixing ripped up guts, but I'd take the OD any day over it.
Opus the Poet
I did something like this back in 2001. I was hit by a truck and it blew a giant hole in my leg, with lots of cut arteries and veins, but it also killed me (no pulse or respiration). So because my heart stopped I didn't bleed out, and somehow I managed to make my heart restart after EMTs arrived. I recall telling them about the one injury I could feel (broken hip) as they tried to scrape me off the road and people screaming (or gasping or otherwise making noises, I was not really "all there" to remember reactions).
"Between the drug overdose and the stab in the stomach, medicine can handle the OD pretty well."
Yeah but OD on Mystery Drug? Medicine can also handle poisons real well, unless they're not sure which critter got you. Then things get hard.
1st of May, 2018 (Tuesday)
No doubt whatever Rothwell stole was a controlled substance, and he probably didn't just slip out of the hospital without anyone noticing. A few hypodermic syringes and a vial or so of narcotics going missing at the same time as a hypergoth looking, weird sounding guy dressed all in black left the hospital AMA (against medical advice) pretty much assured that every cop and paramedic for a few hundred miles knew what he had. Once they heard Rothwell's description they knew exactly what they were dealing with.
2nd of May, 2018 (Wednesday)
@Opus: "I managed to make my heart restart"
Say what? This sounds like a story I need to hear!
3rd of May, 2018 (Thursday)
Opus the Poet
Well, that's the part nobody is really sure about. It wasn't beating when people first got to me. So between then and scraping the body off the street it restarted and nobody knows exactly how. They do know that instead of bleeding like that many open blood vessels should have I was just oozing like a dead person, and blood started gushing when I told them about the broken leg.
4th of May, 2018 (Friday)
@Panda, Rothwell mentioned the docs telling him that the drug wouldn't kill Charlie, as I recall. That's not mystery drug from the future, it's probably a narcotic, barbiturate, or other sedating drug which can be found in a hospital. Given the implication of difficulty handling the OD, I imagine it might have been a barbiturate, but given the assumption it wouldn't kill Charlie it could have been something like a benzodiazipine, maaaybe a narcotic they thought he'd only give a low dose of... plenty of options, none of which would be a mystery to ER personnel.

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