9th of April, 2018 (Monday)

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9th of April, 2018 (Monday)
It's okay Charlie, Memnon and Rothwell look alike to a lot of us without our glasses on.
Maybe it is Rothwell with his arm in a cast. But Rothwell could stand up in a hospital room while Memnon would need to scrunch over like that.
That's not Memnon! However, it will be interesting to see which whorl we're in!
«which whorl we're in!»
Our "Tober" is amazing: doing time travel stories that hang together is very difficult, both to make them coherent and interesting, and this comic is one of the very few examples of success. And the art is pretty good too, not just the storytelling. And that fade from the MEMNON whorl to the Rothwell whorl is a wonderful device.
13th of April, 2018 (Friday)
Hello. And Bye.
14th of April, 2018 (Saturday)
I'd have the same reaction waking up if the first thing I saw was some dude staring at me.

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