26th of March, 2018 (Monday)

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26th of March, 2018 (Monday)
Funtastic Squirrel
Yay ambulances!
I love the 'weeeoooo' intruding quietly onto the third panel
Tooooobbbberrrrrr! We loves you!!! Hope you're doing better
Oooo... That's some blue light there... might not be an ambulance.
Yay Tober! Stay healthy, and thank you for the updates
Now Ash/Sam, Please don't tell me you've forgotten about Emi!!!
Uh oh! Did they slip onto another whorl? It looks like EMS uses red and blue lights in Auz, Eric. (For non-USAians, it's limited to police in several US states.)
Dispatchers here generally send a police unit to emergency calls anyway, so blue lights are no surprise. Memnon may be a bit of a surprise for those EMTs if he sticks around...
Thanks, Tober!
27th of March, 2018 (Tuesday)
"Emi has been dispatched..." She had her own time travel wristwatch thingamabob, didn't she? I wonder if Memnon sent her just far enough back in time to make sure the EMS unit was already well on its way when Sam and Ash caught up with Rothwell and the unconscious Charlie, thus assuring a timely arrival?
If the police ask where the kidnapper went, our protagonists can always say that Memnon knocked him over the rail after he assaulted Ash with the cricket bat. Can one of the Auzie readers advise if there are likely to be crocks in the river?
Of course, first we had to explain to Emi HOW to call for an ambulance.
And we also needed to explain WHAT an ambulance is.
Afterwards, she was quite enthusiastic.
they do look confused as to who Emi is
29th of March, 2018 (Thursday)
Kid Cthulhu
Emi, EMT, EMS; it's all good.

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