19th of March, 2018 (Monday)

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19th of March, 2018 (Monday)
Now that is really being in charge.
I like how he's just staring off way over their heads when he says that.
Remind me of drill sergeants in the Marine Corps you're not authorized to die until you being back stateside with at least 6 months under your belt lol, a ex-marine buddy told me he was told by his commanding officer that when you get stateside he cannot have a kid for us at least 3 years and he had to get authorization from 6 commanding officers 2 Navy Admirals and an Air Force technician just to be sure I heard that and I bust out laughing
I'm with Ash. Huh?
I can't wait to hear this story!
When you're so much of a time-travel expert, you can present Bill and Ted styled statements as proof.
well, maybe our good AI from the future is underestimating the mess that Charlie's worls are and how many future timelines may be trying to change their past...
Anyhow, the story continues to be great -- insight into characters, who are not wholly bad or good, their motives are a bit messed up.
A mature, yet entertaining, style of story. Tober is pretty good indeed.
«I'm with Ash. Huh?
I can't wait to hear this story!»
Well, time travel and whorls result in peculiar situations: Sam should know that Charlie will live because he is alive, as he is Charlie 10-15 years later. So the fact that he is alive means that in at least one timeline Charlie that his himself lives and has not designed a doomsday plague yet.
As to the doomsday plague: too bad MEMNON sent Rothwell back to the future, because he was the only person in the world with natural genetic immunity to the plague. They should at least asked him for a blood or ideally a semen sample. Maybe they will collect the blood he has dropped.
Opus the Poet
If he's bleeding he ain't dead. If he ain't bleeding he's dead. Assuming there is someplace to bleed from.
21st of March, 2018 (Wednesday)
hey Sam, be nice, this guy just saved your bacon after all
23rd of March, 2018 (Friday)
Doesn’t that mean what injuries that have been sustained he allowed?
So they are both sort of responsible though one stopped the other from going further than he wanted.
Whorls, great for making odd statements when you can see them and others can’t.
24th of March, 2018 (Saturday)
Has no one else noticed that Memmon is identical to Ash except for hair color?
25th of March, 2018 (Sunday)
Hair's a little more fuzzy and jaw a little less masculine on Memnon.
With great disappointment, I have now found out that whorl is a real word, used in meteorology (and referring to a fingerprint shape).
26th of March, 2018 (Monday)
Up here
@Yochanan Which only proves webcomics are a valuable source of educational enrichment. :)

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