11th of December, 2017 (Monday)

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11th of December, 2017 (Monday)
He looked before he leapt.
Has the local Child Welfare Organization certified that thing as safe?
Kid Cthulhu
Good job on the rust/weathering effect on the metal. Tober.
Don't forget the ripcord dude.
Did he imagine he was running along an old, weathered dock prior to jumping? Because the fiew from below shows no decking...
Low-budget post-apocalyptic time machine... Brave boy indeed.
So brave!
12th of December, 2017 (Tuesday)
Compared to his life before meeting his trainer(s), jumping off a tower probably isn't a huge deal for Rothwell. A big deal, but not a huge one. I'm imagining him running from the erstwhile owner of the food he just stole, probably on a number of occasions.
13th of December, 2017 (Wednesday)
Spam is Richardbreaf
@Tominalbany - It has decking in 523/3, just before the smog or whatever it is is WHOOSHed away in 523/4. I was assuming wood, but in 524/2 they show rust, so they may be steel plates. Methinks Tober finished just before bedtime and left them out of 524/5.

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