30th of November, 2017 (Thursday)

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How a parachute works is a more pressing issue for Rothwell than how a time travelling watch works.

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30th of November, 2017 (Thursday)
Parachute ?? That's a nap sack, has your snacks and extra ammo. Also a cool black suit. Oh, if the time travel thing doesn't work you won't have to try again ... the ground is solid.
Just like Army Airborne.
Kid Cthulhu
Rothwell is more and more becoming the Anti-Charlie. The parallels...
Oh Jasper H Cripes, we're following Rothwell's whorls! THAT's why the story's bouncing all over!
And once again time travel seems to involve a physical jump. Hmmmmm...
And is Rothwell going to cut his left foot when he hits the ground?
1st of December, 2017 (Friday)
that kiwi guy
reminds me of MIB 3 time travel.
3rd of December, 2017 (Sunday)
Kid Cthulhu
@Phlatus: What if Rothwell -is- Charlie? Like, a version of him from a different whorl?
@Kid Cthulhu: That had crossed my mind, too, although Rothwell didn't know Charlie's name when he first kidnapped him back in 370.
@SteveNut: Roll us one of those. Please.
Gotta get to 88mph somehow...
4th of December, 2017 (Monday)
Achtually it is not important how it works but how you open it.
We don't know everything about this young Rothwell, but he seems like a good noodle to me right now. Precious face!
5th of December, 2017 (Tuesday)
Falling is very important in this comic Rothwell, try not to mess it up! Hope all is well, Tober.
6th of December, 2017 (Wednesday)
Alien Hunter
Ironically, "Pull the cord and hope for the best" is EXACTLY how a parachute works

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