2nd of October, 2017 (Monday)

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No fate but what we make.

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2nd of October, 2017 (Monday)
so, Charlie has the scientific variation of why Madoka was such a g-ddang overpowered Puella Magi, why am I not surprised...
Kid Cthulhu
Kind of like how there's an infinite number of the Tall Man tracking down an infinite number of Mike Pearsons in the Phantasm series...
Just stay clear from the weird talking cat thingie, okay?
Sister Grif
beautiful :'(
3rd of October, 2017 (Tuesday)
Stuck in a loop... they need a solution that breaks the cycle.
4th of October, 2017 (Wednesday)
It's possible that Memnon doing . . . whatever he's doing instead of joining them . . . IS the solution that breaks the cycle. Particularly since Emi clearly expects him to come, while it was pretty heavily implied that he's not going to.
Spectacular Phuture Audio. Hear: a Dance Mix

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