28th of September, 2017 (Thursday)

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28th of September, 2017 (Thursday)
Emi's faith is so heartwarming.
Just to clarify, we have three pasty tall guys in our plot so far, and we know the identities of two, correct?
Just two Jimothy, Emi's Dad Memnon and Rothwell the Time Assassin.
In this page it looks like that Memnon is going some other time/place and "I love you" means "we'll never meet again":
29th of September, 2017 (Friday)
I agree, Walex, but in a universe of time whorls and alternatives, "never" isn't as final as it is for us. We did watch Charlie die, but dying lacks the finality we're accustomed to.
30th of September, 2017 (Saturday)
[Insert Donald Sutherland from the ending of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," 1978]

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