24th of August, 2017 (Thursday)

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Charlie's more of an appletini kind of guy.

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24th of August, 2017 (Thursday)
Yuck. Beer is gross.
Let him try whiskey straight next time. Much better.
Opus the Poet
I never developed a taste for American pilsners, but I tried a German dark in my early 30s and developed a taste for good beer.
Yeah, that's still pretty much my reaction. Hasn't changed since I was about three years old and my "big" brother (five or six) decided to steal a beer for us to try. I watched him take a big chug (he was showing off, of course, and had practiced first), then tried to do the same thing. I thought it was awful and spit it right back out. I've given various beers a trial sip from time to time since then, but my opinion hasn't changed. X-D
Mission accomplished! (Of course, it's weird that he did it to himself.)
27th of August, 2017 (Sunday)
Kid Cthulhu
...and then the authorities came in and charged Sam with contributing the delinquency of a minor :P
@Cthulu the law (in America anyway) actually allows children to drink as long as they don't become legally drunk, so long as it is in a private residence, and under parent/Guardian supervision
I've loved the taste of most beers ever since I can remember, including sneaking sips as a pre-teen. But then, that was the barley flavored soda pop that passed for American lager. And it got worse as big companies swallowed up local and regional breweries.
To get back on topic, don't get too snoggered, Sam. Rothwell is at large. (Anyone seen Emi's sword? Where the hell did we put that?)

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