17th of August, 2017 (Thursday)

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And Charlie's secret hope of learning maths easily from Emi are dashed.

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17th of August, 2017 (Thursday)
1.86525e+107 for the lazy.
Lol, typo spotted: "Maths in your hear."
Ash, it isn't polite to talk with your mouth full, now you got bread all over the text bubble!
Is that true, Emi, or did you just spot Ash's expression and decide to keep mum? If so, you're learning quick.
An AI who can't calculate.... how... mathsterious...
Fun ideas
Emi is likely not a being in line with our traditional ideas of an AI. You could argue that an AI is any intelligent being that comes about through non-natural means, thus, Artificial Intelligence. Emi could be totally and completely human, just, you know, not made through the combination of the genetics of two actual people. She could be designed, base pair by base pair, and thus artificial, while still being human, thus intelligent. Or she could function through some non-organic means which nonetheless provides her no extra "processing power" compared to a human. If you could simulate a brain perfectly, theoretically you'd have an artificial intelligence that was exactly like a human, because their brain actually would be a human brain, just a simulated one.
The problem is probably a combination of human terms for maths and the organic brain not being a calculator. She might have more advanced theory in the AI but can't compare as she hasn't been exposed to human maths and terms to comprehend the translation.

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