10th of August, 2017 (Thursday)

Page 490

Quick Emi, come in and ruin the secret somehow. It'd only be fair.

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10th of August, 2017 (Thursday)
Ash seems to be very good at comebacks!
I should be taking notes.
You need to step up your game, Charlie. :p
11th of August, 2017 (Friday)
@Rock: Remeber, you are talking about a boy who just ran away from a girl. I don't think stepping up his game will be enough...
It's been a while... I forgot how much I love this comic
@memBrain: But he can come up with better comebacks and talk a good game when he puts his mind to it. ;)
12th of August, 2017 (Saturday)
Oh how retro...paper and pencil... snail-mail? What happened to the smart phone they were using in the car on the way to the wedding? I could see Charlie going that route, being from the past; but Ash knows the modern tech. She could just message her parents. It would only take a minute or so.
"That's all the more reason you owe me"
Sister Grif
@Wally, maybe Ash doesn't want the message to arrive right away/ doesn't want her parents to be able to reply. Plus she could be wanting to keep it sentimental. Ya can't argue that letters don't mean more than texts!

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