27th of July, 2017 (Thursday)

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Seems like someone takes after daddy a bit too much.

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27th of July, 2017 (Thursday)
Wah .. did I do that?
"Be nice to other people (especially if you don't agree with them)."
Oddly, the warning above the comment box seems oddly appropriate to today's submission...
Opus the Poet
Is Emi's speach a typo or an accent? Is it supposed to be live or life?
Live - as in this version of many lives?
So is this the new playground equivalent of "my dad can beat up your dad"?
28th of July, 2017 (Friday)
"My dad can send me to save your life so that you can grow up to be your dad."
29th of July, 2017 (Saturday)
Poor Emi. "Dad sent me here to protect Charlie and I just made his arm leak!"

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Be nice to other people (especially if you don't agree with them).
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