12th of June, 2017 (Monday)

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How could you forget your own mother?

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12th of June, 2017 (Monday)
Sister Grif
Don't act embarassed Charlie ur not wearing anything anyway
lol, yeah, it's not like he's hiding all that much, he might as well. and he's probably just not used to calling har anything but mom at his age.
Delilah is Sam's ex (girlfriend) who Sam insinuated (lied) was Charlie's mom because it was easier/safer than the truth. Charlie has not met Delilah (yet?).
Oh this is adorable!
Will Charlie not meet Delilah now that Ash is in the picture, and soon Sam won't remember her either?
Opus the Poet
@Versi Sam and Charlie are from different time lines, their memories are different.
13th of June, 2017 (Tuesday)
I hope I'm not the only one that feels uncomfortable with this page... (I know Charlie is.)
Opus I'd right, the timey whimey stuff is all jumbled dye to Charlie being tossed into Sam's timeline and derailing everything to the point chrono assassin bro has also jumped in...
14th of June, 2017 (Wednesday)
that kiwi guy
and here I thought it was going to be like "do you miss him, and your family?"
yeah, sometimes...but then i'm glad I came here.
Cause I got to meet you!
-They blush and make out while the sun sets

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