22nd of May, 2017 (Monday)

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22nd of May, 2017 (Monday)
It says that this page is updated it the future. But it is sunday the 21st and here it is... What? Freaky lol
It's because the page is updated at midnight UTC 0, or Greenwich Time, which is 8:00 PM for the east coast of the US.
This is one of the more interesting web comics I've found. In this case the title caught my attention and then the artwork and story kept me coming back. Adding to my favourites (Canadian spelling) was an easy decision. Thank you for creating such an interesting story.
@Yoyoyanna, Tober is in Australia, on the other side of the International Dateline, roughly half of the Great Circle that separates the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. (The other half is the Prime Meridian that goes through Greenwich, England. I say roughly because the IDL zig-zags for political reasons.) When you cross the line going west to east, you go back a day, and if you cross it going east to west, you jump ahead a day. The first time I left Japan flying back to the US we took off early Monday morning and flew back into Sunday an hour or so later. By the time we got to California it was Monday morning again.
Yeah, it's freaky as all Hell. I think it has something to do with time whorls.
Opus the Poet
How could she "remember"? This is only the second time she's seen the ocean and the first time in daylight.
The trees are gorgeous, the water-effect when they get in is perfect, and they're so cute, all three of them!
I'd like to be talked through doing that water effect :)
I think she's talking about the sun, not the water. She remembers it from looking out the window and now it's higher in the sky.
Also wanted to ask if "banana hammocks" (can I say that here?) are the rage in Aussie-land. Sam the elder seems on the right page. LOL
23rd of May, 2017 (Tuesday)
@TominAlbany we call them budgie smugglers in NZ (and Australia too, I think), and they're frustratingly common.
@Jabbewocky - I hope that budgie is a reference to the bird. If so, it makes it a wonderfully, hillarious reference!

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