18th of May, 2017 (Thursday)

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"And the ocean is rather large, too."

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18th of May, 2017 (Thursday)
The 3D water in the first panel is awesome, and the trees look real. Great job, Tober!
Nice suit Emi. though i'm curious about Sam's plan for swimming.
Opus the Poet
That's some drop-off out there, sandy beach bottom to "blue hole".
It looks like the water in the ocean is actually moving! Is that a gif or just an optical illusion?
Hmmmm....what's with the bandage on Ash's RIGHT foot?
And of course Ash isn't wearing a girl's bathing suit! :)
Stop teasing the kids, man. :p Especially the one that can probably kill you in under five seconds.
19th of May, 2017 (Friday)
Whose idea was it for Charlie to wear that?! I haven't seen a bathing suit like that on someone who wasn't an Olympic swimmer since I was a toddler! Don't ask me how long ago that was. I'm likely old enough to be your father... *sigh*
20th of May, 2017 (Saturday)
note again that emi's eyes are green...
@walex I think we're on the same track. If Eos created Memnon making her his mother, that makes her Emi's grandmother.
22nd of May, 2017 (Monday)
Danny in Canada
ohwilleke - it's a jpg, so...

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