23rd of March, 2017 (Thursday)

Page 450

If only Ash knew that a mere 30 years in the future, a brutal femocracy rules the Earth, and all males are hit in the balls every day.

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23rd of March, 2017 (Thursday)
el jeffe
I also would like to see the scar. I would laugh much at that.
24th of March, 2017 (Friday)
uh oh the bots have found you, time for a captcha! Great story by the way.
No doubt the girls will have girl time later. They both seem willing enough. Next time afterwards when they see Charlie, that will be amusing.
Sister Grif
Come on Wednesday Elliot, don't be such an ashhole.
26th of March, 2017 (Sunday)
Opus the Poet
It's called a gynocracy or matriarchy not femocracy :( Even my spell checker agrees.

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