16th of March, 2017 (Thursday)

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Actually, getting in a hot shower is a terrible, terrible plan, but Sam lives in a place hot enough that he doesn't need to know that.

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16th of March, 2017 (Thursday)
Good thinking, Ash! (Do Charlie's whorls show winning lottery tickets?)
but how much can you act on whorls without changing everything else that you see?
"Actually, getting in a hot shower is a terrible, terrible plan" Thanks for looking out for your dear readers with this helpful little PSA.
The Frog Master
#THE MORE You know====-----~
Can't see the forest for the trees type problem with massive whirl effects?
Hot water I agree with being wrong though warm works. Warmer than the person without being hot is the key.
17th of March, 2017 (Friday)
Charlie's only in the very earliest stages of hypothermia, evidenced by his shivering, but he's not staggering or incoherent. I doubt if a hot shower will harm him. A tall, slender, ashen pallor faced, homicidal, recently maimed, time traveling mutant, who's almost certain to leave the hospital AMA* as soon as he's physically able, on the other hand....
*Against medical advice
Phlatus is right, they should keep a hot shower handy in case Rothwell comes back! :D

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