13th of March, 2017 (Monday)

Page 447

Thanks for all your encouragement last week, guys! I've launched my Patreon, which you can check out here. We've already reached the first goal and almost got the second! My undying thanks to everyone who has donated already.

As a celebration, the webcomic will be bumped up to 2 pages a week from now on. The next page will go up Thursday.

Incidentally, if you've seen the enormous ad at the top of this page and have made up your mind, you can point your browser to bloodsplatteredsocks.com/archive to hide it.

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13th of March, 2017 (Monday)
That's fantastic!! I can't wait for Thursday! Love Emi jumping on the bed, she's a whole new person when she isn't wielding a katana :D
oh... and Tober?
What *was* Memnon's favorite dinosaur?
Turns out it's compsognathus.
There's something ominous about Charlie climbing in the shower. Ether Ash and Emi are going to get a cheap shot, or Rothwell's going to climb in the window.
Kid Cthulhu
Great page. Just curious; are you using some sort of new software for the backgrounds?
Cthulhu, the backgrounds are now being done in Cycles. It ended up being faster to do it this way than the flats and lines style I had been using before.
14th of March, 2017 (Tuesday)
Awesome to see you getting back in the swing of things, Tober! Backgrounds are looking good too!
Please only do 2 pages a week if you feel you are up to it, would hate for you to push yourself past what you can reasonably do and burn yourself out.
... that's adorable.
15th of March, 2017 (Wednesday)
I really like the new backgrounds. I think they look really nice, and give a cool contrast to the flat line characters.
Is Emi jumping on the bed, or using psychic cyborg powers to float above the bed?
Also, the cyrillic comment above? Google translate says it's spam.
27th of July, 2019 (Saturday)
Great post!

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