14th of November, 2016 (Monday)

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It's a little bit cause he's a girl, but Ash would never admit it to his face.

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14th of November, 2016 (Monday)
Quite the hangup those two got there. Poor dears.
me, not you
???? um hes not a girl... is he i thought it was suppose to be him from back in time
Troll (A nice one)
Nope, he/she switched genders in the time-loop. Did you miss that comic?
Whoa! Emi thinks Charlie is a boy (423 panel 2), Charlie does a modesty freak-out when Emi peels off her dress (428 panels 5 & 6). and Sam (adult Charlie) is still apparently a guy. Damnit, Tober! Time twisting is hard enough to follow without gender-bending too!
Please, please, PLEASE don't make Eos into a guy!
@clarison - only in comparison. Any doctor would confirm he is male, though most others would say otherwise.
Kid Cthulhu
A nice nod to some of the playful gender shenanigans from back before Rothwell even had an appearance ^_^
I still want to know how he tied his tie so poorly!
A purple lover
Purple again!!!!
So, Charlie is saying "It's not 'cause I'm a girl, is it?" because he's sad, thinking something along the lines of "Oh, great. Only girls get given jackets. Is Ash teasing me for looking like a girl again, like my best mate from the past when he got me that dress for my birthday, or this Emi girl for offering me a dress, or my dad for calling me a wimp for not punching people?"
He didn't switch genders. Charlie said that because everyone always comments on his appearance like he is a girl. Sheesh.
D'awwww they're so adorable :)
15th of November, 2016 (Tuesday)
old troll
The face in the panel does not belong to Charlie.
16th of November, 2016 (Wednesday)
Kid Cthulhu
@Old Troll-It looks like it could be Emi at the end but it could also be Tober didn't finish the scratch on Charlie's lip yet. Comic deadlines are tough, believe me!
18th of November, 2016 (Friday)
Deof Movestofca
@Kid Cthulhu: Not to mention that artists sometimes forget to add such details from time to time even when a deadline is not a factor.
21st of November, 2016 (Monday)
He asked the question as a reference to him being asked the same question by her, earlier. Jeeze.
27th of November, 2016 (Sunday)
Tober... If you need to take a break, TAKE A BREAK!!! We can definitely wait for you to rest up and feel better before posting again.
Please let us know how you're doing, Tober.

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