22nd of August, 2016 (Monday)

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Turns out Emi can't swim.

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22nd of August, 2016 (Monday)
Good. Now try to be prepared next time he shows up!
Oh thank god they didnt drown.
Kid Cthulhu
Heh, you can still see where Charlie's lip was split by Ash's rough kiss.
Well that was a hell of a trip.
Glad Charlie could swim for two. Nice transparency effect on the shirt :) and also the blood stain on her dress is well rendered.
What does EMI represent in robotics/computer/AI world?
Emi seemed to terminator walk out of the ocean lot, Charlie seems to have struggled lol
Magic Trees
Well okay
Deof Movestofca
So... don't bother trying to find him?
Maybe it was the way he acted or the color of his hair.
I looked it up it stands for electromagnetic interference.
@Jonathan: I thinked he swimmed with her on his back (see first panel)... He might be tired...
@caribouchat, I missed her arm, glad others notice than me, I'd be a bad inspector haha
23rd of August, 2016 (Tuesday)
In panel 5 Emi looks like she wanted to reach down Rothwell's throat and rip his lungs out. She just might be able to.
Mr. Jones
I continue to take bafflement at these (human?) interactions. Fascinating.
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
Emi: man good thing the water rinsed off all this BLOOD am i right?
Sam: THE #$@$% GOING ON!?!?
Emi: oh you know, typical time shenanigans. Assassins and what not. Hey you guys have soda in this time right?
Sam: of course what kind of time doesn't have soda?
Emi: a terrible one.

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