14th of July, 2016 (Thursday)

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14th of July, 2016 (Thursday)
Kid Cthulhu
"It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."
Is she wearing a time-transport-y wristwatch?
So time travel *does* involve falling over!
Flying is easy:
One simply throws oneself at the ground, but misses.
42, Joseph. ;)
@Tober: Even if it's only for a few weeks, it's really great to get a new comic every day. Did you have a buffer or are you drawing a comic a day? Anyway, thanks so much, for the comic, it's really puzzling and catching.
Will they both get in the same place and time?
So, she's going to go back in time... and she looks like the boy who looks like a girl, only she's a girl.... hijinks ensue.
Not just speed, greater weight/mass needs greater velocity. Interesting.
Will he jump a mile high into the sky?
The stars are drawn beautifully.
@Faust sorry, but no. the only difference between speed and velocity is that velocity takes direction into account (i.e. forward>0, backward
This comic is the greatest! I'm going to go jump out a window with a watch on now.
Maybe he's really housed in a satellite, and the him there is a remote controlled drone or a solid light projection or something.
So we're looking for a proportional velocity/mass ratio? It's not going off of pure momentum or kinetic energy since those are functions of mass and velocity. Arguably, they're translating kinetic energy (mv^2) into temporal shift, but since you're translating more mass you need more energy to "move" it, overcoming its inertia (normally momentum which is mv, but this could be a temporal inertia which is related to mass times the rate at which you proceed through time instead of space, and because spatial speed is related to temporal speed maybe m/v or mv/c or mc/v or something) so a higher mass therefore requires more velocity to achieve the same temporal effect.
This also brings up questions of whether you need to match speeds with the amount of time you want to travel.
Deof Movestofca
Swords don't protect a person automatically. He might want to tell her that.
15th of July, 2016 (Friday)
@Faust/Charidian so it probably does funky stuff to mass (likely lowering it somehow while still having enough weight to interact with the surrounding world), getting funkier the farther away in time you have to go, so that it just needs a little gravity assist to get it going (presumably so that it doesn't go continuously until the wearer dies), but doing too much funky stuff to too much mass would probably cause the wearer to disintegrate, so for larger masses, it needs to draw more from velocity. So there's probably some equilibrium that has to be maintained, and presumably the watch takes care of that and i'm just rambling now so i'll stop.
so i don't think that the speed is the limiting variable for this; i think that the distance in time almost entirely depends on how funky the watch gets with your mass, unless, of course, you're 10 gd meters tall like memnon, in which case there's a limit to the funk of the watch.
16th of July, 2016 (Saturday)
A _very_ short sword. More like a long dagger.
I'm thinking it's "magic" (advanced tech, etc.), and probably has a built in AI (thus "I know that it will protect you." And maybe some shape-changing or who knows what built in.)

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