5th of July, 2016 (Tuesday)

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To ashes you say? Tsk tsk tsk.

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5th of July, 2016 (Tuesday)
Well, I just ordered pizza, and I was hungry. So I'm a bit disappointed I won't be dying on a full stomach. But at least I might get to taste some of the tears of children!
Also, Dude, weren't you slaughtering them wholesale to begin with? I don't think anything has changed except now you're even angrier.
Amazing Thing
A nuke. Nice.
How do you make messages in the sky that can be seen all over the earth? Do you repeat them every so many miles? Do some people see parts of multiple copies, like the right half of one followed by the left half of another?
Then again, the first two panels suggest that the message is audio, though people aren't covering their ears after that.
Me, not you
that rocket's got a glare all right (still 4th of July here :p)
Maybe if you didn't kill Charlie then Eos wwouldn't have gone nuts and would still be alive.
@LaughingTarget wouldn't he not exist then?
That Guy
I leave for a few weeks and look what happens...
I thought they weren't using anything with any electronics in it anymore. Even if he had a backup terminator body (That somehow survived whatever it was they tried to do to him), how did he get control of nukes?
Also, is Sam Charlie Innow going to be John Connor now?
@SlugFiller My take is he took control of the nukes and other stuff right at the start, which is WHY they don't use anything with electronics now, and that he just didn't use weapons of mass destruction until now.
The Theorist
I wonder if this is all still VR. Perhaps Eos toying with the injured chrono assassin.
The language is very biblical but does not appear to be a direct quote of anything in particular.
6th of July, 2016 (Wednesday)
Alien Hunter
To James:
I thank you for yesterday's recap. I re-read the strips starting with Charlie's death, and it all made a little more sense. Still not sure how Memnon got out of the VR into the real world...was he a real person who had an avatar in the VR? And how did Charlie's death connect to, much less cause, all this?
But Memnon has to be real...he tried to kill Charlie in the past...and who tried to save Charlie by sending him into the future? And what will happen now that Charlie is gone? Wasn't the whole strip about protecting him?
Deof Movestofca
@The Theorist: That also would make sense in a lot of ways, like the dark side of Red Dwarf.
16th of July, 2016 (Saturday)
Magic Trees
Isn't...salting the earth with the tears of children a bit....dramatic?

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