27th of June, 2016 (Monday)

Page 401

For the immediate future, Blood Splattered Socks will update 5 pages a week (time permitting).

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27th of June, 2016 (Monday)
The man in uniform has similar eyes to Eos. Her father?
5 updates per week? Great!
And... new chatacters... the general has 'us' on his futuristic uniform. What could that mean in that virtual reality?
Good work on the suspense, Tober!
Man that will be epic, don't let ppl get at you for being sick or missing a page, I only started reading a couple weeks ago, but im seriously anxious to read new pages XD
Jorg - I doubt if this is the VR environment though I suppose it's possible.
Amazing Thing
5 pages a week will eliminate the suspense! And the quality could suffer! Come on man, why not scale it back to 2? I have another 60 years before I die so I'm in no rush.
Kid Cthulhu
5 pages a week? That ain't easy (I know from experience!)
I'm wondering if all these pages mean the series is winding down and we're nearing the climax?
@kid cthulu "experience"? U had a webcomic??
I can't speak for Kid Cthulhu, but I also know that isn't easy from experience without having had a webcomic. I once wrote a sixteen page minicomic with rough sketches, and it took an entire week of doing nothing else (I'd estimate about 80 hours of work). This is without color, shading, or reliably placed lines. At the end of that, I couldn't do anything for an entire day.
5 pages a week isn't as hardcore as that, but these pages take more work each than the ones I was drawing, and my pace wasn't sustainable to begin with. Drawing is *hard*.
Kid Cthulhu
@Primordia Rage Chick: I still have a webcomic, although it's nowhere near the caliber of this one.
The Frog Master
If the VR environment is still going, does that mean that she's still there? Is that gold statue a monument or a tombstone or a marker? Does the VR run at a faster pace than normal life, or does it skip through like a dream? QUESTIONS NGAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Five updates a week should help with the pacing and story progression, which can be a real problem for web comics that update infrequently or sporadically.
Which is why it is so important for there to be significant story progression with every update. Some narrative advancement must occur on every page otherwise you lose momentum ...and readers. So, although we will all finally be getting some answers now, unfortunately, this story has already taken far, far too long to get to "the point".
thing1 interesting observation, but with all due respect please bear in mind the comic is his, not yours, and you do have the option of reading or not reading - - I follow a couple of on line comics that only update once or twice a week, and this has not hurt the story, and the artwork makes it more than worth the wait
@Amazing Thing: I remember someone mentioning Tober plans to finish the comic before 2017, which is the year first chapter takes place in. Increasing the update rate to 5 weekly pages means there's still a lot to cover.
Opus the Poet
That hat badge doesn't look anything like any branch of service I'm familiar with, and that chest full of ribbons that are all the same color (at least from a distance) is likewise unlike any branch of service I know,
Deof Movestofca
Am I wrong in thinking that her unsupported head would be on the ground if she were actually dead or unconscious?
I also see that he seems to be quite a bit older than before.
Opus, he just earned a loooooooooot of Navy good conduct medals.
A hugging statue! That's a great idea. I wonder if it has a heating system.
@thing1: well, that's what *you* feel. I think many people, including me, did indeed savor each page of this comic. I even thought for a long time that the time travel story was only a pretext for this great depiction of Charlie and Ash relationship... I'm glad to discover new action, but also glad we had all this great time living with Sam and the kids. Thank you, Tober, for making such a great comic!
28th of June, 2016 (Tuesday)
G, I offer my criticism without malice in a sincere desire to aid the makers of this comic. I speak from experience. I illustrated a comic book some years ago where the writers "dragged out the story", and our readership declined severely. Protracted and/or confused writing is never good for any story.
29th of June, 2016 (Wednesday)
@kidcthulu whats ur webcomic?? I'd love to read it

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