15th of June, 2016 (Wednesday)

Page 397

In case you were wondering: chip manufacturing bids, shell companies and social engineering.

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15th of June, 2016 (Wednesday)
So, they are coming, i guess.
Kid Cthulhu
I wonder how times passes in the Eos-trix. I mean, proto chrono-assassin is much older now. Has Eos been in there years or minutes?
My money's on it being only a few hours of real time. Eos leaves for a day, the assassin grows up without her, something something killing children.
I'm beginning to wonder if all the comic from the beginning could have been happening in a fictionnal world. I mean, a fictionnal world *inside* the comic. All in Eos' head and mega-computer...
I call causal loop...
Deof Movestofca
On the plus side, it didn't rot his brain like Eos feared it would.
16th of June, 2016 (Thursday)
I'm so lost....
But this page is beautiful!!!
But I'm so lost.....

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